1 year of CrossFit at HyperFit USA

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March 28th is my CrossFit birthday. I turn 1 today. I guess that means I can officially no longer play the newbie card. Even though I still feel like I just walked in the door for the first time.

It’s interesting how this experience still feels so new. Every time I walk into HyperFit I’m excited to see what they have in store for us. By now, the luster should have worn off, but it hasn’t. I’m just as pumped up about going in now as I was 12 months ago. I’ve logged over 250 workouts, and I’m not bored. Not at all.

Along those lines, I’m still making progress. Measurable progress. If you are looking at beginning CrossFit, just do it. Give it a month and see for yourself. As I’ve said many times, this isn’t for everyone, but it is for me.

Big thanks to all the people that make it awesome. Thanks to Doug for putting this together and assembling the perfect mix of trainers in MOB, Steve and even Jeff. Big thanks for keeping me motivated to Lexi, Whitney, Lee, Craig and everyone else at HyperFit. And of course, huge thanks to Colleen, Bob, Mike, Baylen and the rest of the 7:30 crew, getting up shortly after 6AM every day is a little easier knowing I’m not alone!

And lastly, this would not have happened were it not for my former classmate, Chris. I owe you big time buddy. Thanks for the recommendation.

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