After the WOD last night I jumped on the scale.  I was expecting a reading of about 183 give or take a half pound.  Well, it read 179 flat.  The last time I weighed 179, I was a junior in high school, which was almost 20 years ago.  When I started this CrossFit thing, I was hoping to someday get under 200.

When I hit 199, I thought a nice stretch goal would be under 190.  You can see that goal noted in the chart above, and I crushed it in record time.  The fact that the slope of this line has remained so constant for so many months is unreal, and a true testament to the effectiveness of CrossFit workouts.

Getting into the 170s does several things in my head.  First and foremost, it breaks me free from caring about my weight.  As someone who not too long ago weighed over 250 pounds, not caring about my weight any more is a big deal.

The mental focus is no longer losing weight on my body, but gaining weight on my bar.

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