100 Days of Crossfit

Crossfit Hyperfit Kettlebell WOD Results

Every now and again there are moments that come along, and change your life for ever.  You have a child, you get that job offer, you get accepted to the school you wanted, you get the idea.  But then there a moments that come a long that are so innocent, and so simple, and so unexpected.  This past March I was having dinner with a good friend in Pasadena, I was traveling there for work and he was able to get away for the evening.  During the conversation, there was one moment when I was talking about a nice benefit at my new job.  They subsidize a gym membership.  My friend leaned in and in a very still tone said “if you are serious about getting in shape, do Crossfit.”  He paused for a moment to let it sink in.  In that moment, he changed my life.

We spoke a bit about it and within minutes were looking up “Crossfit Ann Arbor” on my phone and the top result was “Hyperfit USA”.  My first question was, is there a difference between Crossfit and Hyperfit?  (Turns out that was a silly question.) Longer story short, I signed up online when I got back to Ann Arbor, got an email from Mike (a.k.a. MOB) and showed up for my intro session a couple days later.

During my intro session, I recall explaining to MOB how I can do any exercise except for squatting, due to a skiing injury.   I remember he stared at me for a sec, and then said something like “we can figure that out.”  Boy how silly I must have sounded to him.

I never could have dreamed that after 40 of the most fun workouts you can imagine, I would be in the best shape of my life at 34, and improving every single day.