An Awesome Weekend With The 2014 CrossFit Games


This weekend was filled with our enjoyment of the 2014 CrossFit Games. The coverage this year was fantastic. Using the ESPN apps on our Apple TV and iPad, we were able to watch as much as possible (when we were not out riding bikes and playing at the park that is).

I think the two highlights came at the book ends of the Games. First, the Overhead Squat event was ridiculously entertaining to watch. It was non-stop action, and was very easy to see who was winning, and who was struggling, and of course it was awesome to watch Julie Foucher go for and get a PR at 231 :)

Here’s the link to watch the OHS event:

The other highlight moment of the games for me, came by watching the final event (Double Grace) with the whole family gathered around the iPad in my daughter’s bed (after bedtime) Sunday night. All cheering for Julie, and all so proud of her 3rd place finish overall this year.

Whether it was while eating our snacks (as pictured above), from the comfort of the couch, or just on in the background while Lexi teaches JJ how to Jerk  (as pictured below) my hat goes off to CrossFit and all the competitors and people that put this on. Such an awesome way to keep me and my family excited about fitness.

Teaching the Jerk 2014 CrossFit Games with a WOD Toys Barbell