Grid League / NPGL (f.k.a. NPFL) Kicked Off Tonight

It’s in the books! the NY Rhinos defeated the LA Reign 20-15!

It was fun to watch, and exciting sharing this new fitness based sport with the family. We were cheering for New York, so it was an aded bonus to get the win ;)

Overall impression is that there is just a whole lot going on. I found it hard to get amped up for much of anything, which was surprising to me. The best event I have ever seen (from me sitting on my couch’s perspective that is) was the Overhead Squat event from the 2014 CrossFit games. My wife and I sat and enjoyed that after the kids went to bed, and we were both glued to the set, pretty much on the edge of our seat for every lift. Didn’t matter if it was one our favorite athletes or not (although Julie Foucher going for a PR was pretty exciting!).

I had some pretty big expectations for this, and I’m not quite sure if they fell short. The NPGL put a big focus on making sure the fans were able to see who was leading at any point in time, and that worked well. And that was important, but keeping a better view of the action, sticking with an athlete for a longer period of time continuously, vs. jumping around may make for amore engaging and exciting coverage.

The bottom line, I’m looking forward to the next matchup (DC BRAWLERS @ PHX RISE | 8.23.14 @ 9:00PM ET) and watching them improve the experience throughout the inaugural season.

Go Rhinos!!!