2K Row TT PR BeyondTheWhiteboard.com


I just logged my 600th workout on BeyondTheWhiteboard.com today. Felt great. Very glad I stuck around for the accessory which was a 2 K Row for Time, and I crushed my last attempt by 17 seconds, which was just a couple months ago.  After I did my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Cert in December, I changed my workout schedule. Instead of trying to get in every day, I decided to intentionally mix in rest days. I started by changing to 3 days on, 1 day off, then over the past month, I’ve moded to the following (to fit a 7 day schedule)

  1. Monday: Rest
  2. Tuesday: WOD
  3. Wednesday: WOD
  4. Thursday: WOD
  5. Friday: Rest
  6. Saturday: Olympic Lifting
  7. Sunday: Deadlift themed WOD (can be any WOD, as long as its got DL’s in it)

This schedule seems to be really working for me. I feel a lot better during the WODs and I’m able to push to 100% effort every single day now, whereas prior to this, by Friday/Saturday I was feeling like crap after 5/6 days on in a row.