About Me

Jason Harper Ann Arbor

Thanks for visiting my CrossFit Blog!  Here is a little bit about my background that I’d like to share:

First, I’m married to a ridiculously supportive wife, Lindsey; I’m a father of 2 humans: Lexi 3 years old & Jason Jr. 3 months old and 2 dogs: Barrie 10 years old & Marvin 8 years old.

I’m vegetarian. (Yes, you can have success with CrossFit and be vegetarian!) I’m also gluten and alcohol free since July 2012.  My family and I practice a rotational, near 100% organic diet.

I’ve got a BA and MA in Economics and an MBA.  I’ve made a career in internet strategy and marketing analytics…and I dream of making my second career as a photographer.  I’d love to Link In with you here:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/maximizeroi


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    1. Hey Rob! Thanks for reading my blog. HyperFit has put me on quite a journey to say the least. That’s great that you track my scores on BTWB! I hope you crush them :) Today was fun, I don’t think you will have any trouble beating my time today… 11:49 for Elizabeth, I’ll be watching for your score!