Today was my first day back in my 7:30AM class in a few weeks. I had been out due to injury for a week, then work travel then family travel. I’d been getting workouts in, just not at my regular time and a few on my own.

Within 3 hours of the first 7:30 class I missed I had gotten a text and a Facebook message from two folks asking where I was and if I was alright. There were a couple more people reaching out over the past few weeks, and then today several people approached me and asked where I was and if I was alright.

I love the team mentality that CrossFit creates. It’s wildly motivating. It makes hitting snooze and sleeping in for an extra hour and a half much less likely.

I know that if I miss a WOD, I had better have a damn good reason, because my “team” is going to hold me accountable.