Andy’s Take on Deadlifts

A friend and reader of my blog sent me a note, which I’m posting with his permission. He had a few points to make about deadlifts, and he doesn’t quite agree with my position. I’m still in the flat back camp, but I wanted to share another point of view.

Hi Jason!

Deadlifts are my favorite lift and that was my favorite WOD ever. So, I’m not complaining.

As far as “flat back”, I disagree. You don’t want rounded like that photo you captured, but you should keep the natural curvature of the lumbar spine (so your lower back may look rounded towards your ass). Keep those shoulders pinned back and you should have the look you are describing. I love the deadlift because it is what it is. Get a massive amount of weight from point A to point B – with the finish position judged as the standard. I wouldn’t want to judge whether they looked pretty or not doing it. Sometimes it turns into a s**t show and the lifter should be responsible for their own health. They’ve been warned/coached. Maybe it doesn’t make a great CrossFit WOD addition because it really isn’t safe to do a large volume of deadlifts. I’ve often thought that more than 5 in a row was cardio. I prefer sets of 3 or 1.