Burpee Into The Poo

Burpee Over the Cone and Into the Poo

For the past few months a group of us have been meeting at County Farm Park Tuesdays and Thursdays for an outside workout (7:15AM, come join us if you like!)  Today we had a nice warm up, modified Cindy using playground equipment, then we did our WOD.  3 agility runs, then 12 Burpees over an object of your choosing (I went cone) take 3 laps for time.

Things started off fine, but I forgot the most important rule of CrossFit, check your landing zone for poo.  About 3 burpees into the first round, I landed and immediately could tell that something was off.  Looked at my right hand and yep, that squish I felt was a nice little pile of dog poo.  The problem was what to do?  I have poo all over my hand and in between my fingers, but I’m like 2 minutes into this WOD.  So, I wiped off my hand as well as I could on the grass, adjusted my landing zone, and went back at it.  The WOD must go on, right?

I’m chalking this up to preparing for the unknown and unknowable.  I learned a valuable lesson, always check the ground before you burpee!



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