Guess Who Else is Playing CrossFit?


Sean Payton NFL CrossFit New Orleans Saints

“The high-intensity CrossFit workouts that helped Payton get into the best physical shape of his life have inspired a new approach to the Saints’ offseason workout program.”

I think it’s great that Sean found CrossFit, thinks so much of it that he is bringing it his work… seems like a good idea to me!!


CrossFit Live with Kelly and Michael

CrossFit Kelly and Michael with Megan May


I have my DVR set to auto-record “CrossFit” which usually means highlights from the 2012 CrossFit games on ESPN, but today it had Live with Kelly and Michael in there. So I have to admit, I was intrigued.  I guess they are doing a week long fitness challenge and today was CrossFit day.  It was kinda fun watching them do box jumps and kettle bell swings.  And they both seemed pretty gassed after the 2 minute “WOD”.

Megan May was the instructor, if you could call it that.  Given the nature of the show, there wasn’t much time for instruction, which makes me question the push for American Swings, but Kelly was blasting them out (8kg) with no trouble, and Michael busted out a 30″ box jump, but I would expect that a former NFL player wouldn’t have much trouble with jumping.

They have the video posted up on their site here:



The first thing I do every morning is roll over, grab my phone, load up the Beyond The Whiteboard app and see what the wod is for the day. Yesterday it was Nancy. Run 400m, 15 Overhead Squats (95#), 5 rounds for time. I had done this once before, but I didn’t finish and I didn’t go 95#. But for some reason, I thought I could totally do this Rx. The app was telling me my one rep max on overhead squats is 115, so if I drop 20 off that, I should be great, or so I thought.

During the warm up I realized that 95 was not happening. I was warming up to 85, and decided to drop to 80 for the wod.

About 2/3 of the way through the first set of 15, I pulled off the 2.5 plates and dropped to 75. I would have gone lower but I had put on 15s, so I didn’t have any more easy options. I ended up finishing in waaaay last place for the day, as you can see in the picture, I’m the only on left still doing my squats. I have never failed on so many lifts in a single work out. I must have failed at the bottom of my overhead squat a half dozen times, and an equal amount on the way down.

It’s funny though, as pissed as I was about having to go lighter, dropping down and still finishing last, I think this was one of my best workouts. I got so much out of it. This definitely was the most sustained consistently challenged workout I’ve done in a while.

The last rep was by far the hardest. I failed twice at it. There were at least 5 people standing around me, motivating. My coach is standing there, he said “just do these one rep at a time” when I coughed out that I just had one left, there was quite a bit of chuckling (starting with mine). But I waited a second, visualized that I was going to get it (thanks Shane) approached the bar and got it… Just shy of the 24 minute mark.

WODs at Work? Wouldn’t That Be Nice!!

CrossFit at Datalogix with CEO Eric Roza


Whit shared a great article with me recently on bringing CrossFit into your work:

What a great way to build real teams.  This has to translate into some long run successes:

There are other, less quantifiable benefits. Karin Eisenmenger, 46, Datalogix’s director of order management and the woman running up the stairs past her panting colleague, says the classes unite people from different departments who might otherwise never meet. “If you can sweat and groan and moan with your co-workers,” she said, “you’ll have no problem working with them in a meeting.”

For only $25,000 per year, I imagine this initiative has a monster return on investment.  Through increased productivity via collaboration and there has to be some major health and morale benefits that pay off to the company.

CROSSFIT is one of many perks at Datalogix, where a range of other options — like self-defense classes and courses in the Java programming language — are available free and in-house. The company’s fitness initiatives, called DLX Fit, cost the company around $25,000 a year, Mr. Roza said. A majority of that goes toward CrossFit.

Well done Datalogix!

1 year of CrossFit at HyperFit USA

CrossFit Ann Arbor HyperFit USA Results


March 28th is my CrossFit birthday. I turn 1 today. I guess that means I can officially no longer play the newbie card. Even though I still feel like I just walked in the door for the first time.

It’s interesting how this experience still feels so new. Every time I walk into HyperFit I’m excited to see what they have in store for us. By now, the luster should have worn off, but it hasn’t. I’m just as pumped up about going in now as I was 12 months ago. I’ve logged over 250 workouts, and I’m not bored. Not at all.

Along those lines, I’m still making progress. Measurable progress. If you are looking at beginning CrossFit, just do it. Give it a month and see for yourself. As I’ve said many times, this isn’t for everyone, but it is for me.

Big thanks to all the people that make it awesome. Thanks to Doug for putting this together and assembling the perfect mix of trainers in MOB, Steve and even Jeff. Big thanks for keeping me motivated to Lexi, Whitney, Lee, Craig and everyone else at HyperFit. And of course, huge thanks to Colleen, Bob, Mike, Baylen and the rest of the 7:30 crew, getting up shortly after 6AM every day is a little easier knowing I’m not alone!

And lastly, this would not have happened were it not for my former classmate, Chris. I owe you big time buddy. Thanks for the recommendation.


CrossFit Games Wallballs


You would think it would be impossible to stand 18 inches from a wall, throw a medicine ball at it, and miss.  But alas, not only is it possible to miss, it’s repeatable.  At least it was for me on Friday.  My goal for reps for the CrossFit Open 13.3 was 151.  I thought I could get through 150 wallballs, and have a minute or two to get one double under.  Well, I landed at 138 reps when time ran out.  I think this was the first time I was ever disappointed with a WOD.  I know I am still recovering from an illness that took me out of action for 6 weeks, but I didn’t expect to be put that far behind in my wallballs.

The good news is that there are always more WODs.  Like Griff yesterday.  After running a half-mile backwards, and enjoying it, it helped to wash away the sting from getting my butt kicked the day before.  And now, I am extra motivated for Karen next time she shows up.  And I know she is going to show up.

All that aside, the CrossFit Open 13.3 was the first time I ever felt like I lost while playing this sport.  Losing sucks, and I don’t want to lose, even if it’s just against myself.

Working Back


I’m just over one week back into this after my unplanned rest. It feels great. Taking it slow and light, but not too slow or too light.

Those first few WoDs were pretty daunting, but now I feel like I’m close to hitting my stride again. I definitely noticed a loss of some strength on the barbell movements, and it will be a while until I get it all back. But on some things, like ball slams, I don’t seem to have missed a beat. It’s finding the little things like crushing the 30 pound ball slams that are making this transition back feel good.

And not to mention, I PR’d during the 13.2 wod on Friday. That was a damn good feeling when Whit pointed that out to me after the fact. A month and half off doesn’t mean starting over. It just means starting again.