First Tape Job

CrossFit Taped Hands for EvaIt ain’t pretty, but it was damn effective.

Today was Eva.  Which for me resulted in a 46 minute AMRAP of 800m run, 30 Kettlebell swings, and 30 pull ups.  The thought of that many pull ups made my hands cry a little bit.  So, on the advice of a very wise friend, I taped them up following (as best I could) his instruction.  46 minutes, and 94 pull-ups later, the tape did not look pretty, but my hands were actually still together, with almost as much skin on them as when I started.



100 Days of Crossfit

Crossfit Hyperfit Kettlebell WOD Results

Every now and again there are moments that come along, and change your life for ever.  You have a child, you get that job offer, you get accepted to the school you wanted, you get the idea.  But then there a moments that come a long that are so innocent, and so simple, and so unexpected.  This past March I was having dinner with a good friend in Pasadena, I was traveling there for work and he was able to get away for the evening.  During the conversation, there was one moment when I was talking about a nice benefit at my new job.  They subsidize a gym membership.  My friend leaned in and in a very still tone said “if you are serious about getting in shape, do Crossfit.”  He paused for a moment to let it sink in.  In that moment, he changed my life.

We spoke a bit about it and within minutes were looking up “Crossfit Ann Arbor” on my phone and the top result was “Hyperfit USA”.  My first question was, is there a difference between Crossfit and Hyperfit?  (Turns out that was a silly question.) Longer story short, I signed up online when I got back to Ann Arbor, got an email from Mike (a.k.a. MOB) and showed up for my intro session a couple days later.

During my intro session, I recall explaining to MOB how I can do any exercise except for squatting, due to a skiing injury.   I remember he stared at me for a sec, and then said something like “we can figure that out.”  Boy how silly I must have sounded to him.

I never could have dreamed that after 40 of the most fun workouts you can imagine, I would be in the best shape of my life at 34, and improving every single day.

My First WOD

First WOD at Hyperfit USA Crossfit in Ann ArborScene from my first WOD at Hyperfit USA in Ann Arbor

So today was supposed to be my 7 of 10 intro session, but I guess an instructor called in hungover sick.  So I was given the option of coming back, or jumping in. What is going through my head is the sad fact that I spent the last 7 years actively avoiding working out my legs due to a ski injury to my right knee (huge and stupid mistake to avoid working it out btw), and the 6 work out sessions plus the free intro/paperwork session left a lot of doubt in my mind going in.  I still am not doing a full 30 unbroken air squats (more like 15).  So obviously, I went for it.

Now I’m glad for a few things.  Frist, I’m glad it was good ol’ MOB leading the class, and second, I’m glad I didn’t know that was going to happen until I got there, otherwise I might have chickened out at this point.  It all worked out, and I didn’t get hurt.  And now this mystery of the “WOD” has been pulled back a bit.  Everything scales, weight, reps, rounds, breathing, etc.  I’m looking forward to the next one.