CrossFit Culture – a.k.a. playing golf with Tiger Woods for $20

A fellow CrossFit-er and someone I have learned a great deal from wrote a nice article about another unique aspect of CrossFit. There is no “velvet rope” separating the super stars from the average Joe’s (and the below average Joe’s like me for that matter). We get to train right next to legit Games level athletes all the time.  Like today, I was banging away at my 65# PSN’s right next to guys doing 50% more weight and 100% more faster… and it’s all good.

Check out his article here:

Imagine you’re at the driving range, working on your golf swing.  You’re just an average day chopper, hoping for the off-chance you’ll catch one flush at the 150 yard marker.  Someone comes up next to you, lays down a basket of balls.  You look up…it’s Tiger Woods.

A scenario like this is close to impossible.  But in Crossfit, the possibility of encountering the world’s best is high.

I must also say, I was enjoying the Rich Froning interview on the Wodcast Podcast today (more on their fantastic podcast later), and Rich mentioned that he is not at his box much these days and has handed over the day to day training to his cousin.  That aside, I still want to drop in at CrossFit Mayhem!