CrossFit Live with Kelly and Michael

CrossFit Kelly and Michael with Megan May


I have my DVR set to auto-record “CrossFit” which usually means highlights from the 2012 CrossFit games on ESPN, but today it had Live with Kelly and Michael in there. So I have to admit, I was intrigued.  I guess they are doing a week long fitness challenge and today was CrossFit day.  It was kinda fun watching them do box jumps and kettle bell swings.  And they both seemed pretty gassed after the 2 minute “WOD”.

Megan May was the instructor, if you could call it that.  Given the nature of the show, there wasn’t much time for instruction, which makes me question the push for American Swings, but Kelly was blasting them out (8kg) with no trouble, and Michael busted out a 30″ box jump, but I would expect that a former NFL player wouldn’t have much trouble with jumping.

They have the video posted up on their site here:

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  1. Hah this reminds me of the one time Jillian Michaels had to do a fight gone bad style WOD. Granted I have to admit some of the exercises may be too advanced,but it was humorous nonetheless.