CrossFit Open 15.5

So 15.3 brought us Muscle Ups

And 15.4 brought us Handstand Push Ups.

CrossFit Games 2015 CrossFit Open 2015

I’m pretty sure CrossFit Open 15.5 is going to bring us rope climbs. Well, maybe not rope climbs. At least I hope not rope climbs.

If 15.5 isn’t 100 rope climbs for time, here’s what I think it will be.

15.5 will include burpees. It will include something heavy, and it will have a very simple rep scheme.

CrossFit Open 15.5 will be a chipper.

50 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24″/20″
40 Calorie Row
30 Thrusters @ 95 /65
20 Deadlifts @ 275 / 185
10 Muscle Ups

I think there will be no time cap. So when you get to the muscle ups, if you don’t have them, you won’t be able to submit a score.