CrossFit Results – Global Tourism (Sorta)

CrossFit BMI Results over 6 months

Check out the Global Fat Scale produced by the BBC.  If you put in your height, weight, gender, age and country it will rank your BMI globally and report back the country you most closely match up to for people your age and gender.  I found it a bit fun that when I started CrossFit I was most like someone from Samoa.  Not that I have ever been there, but they do have a rep for producing rather large people.

Each of the blue dots above are a time I took a weight measurement over the first 6 months of CrossFit.  I’ve been watching the countries change this whole time, and it’s been fun to track the movement from the western countries, through a bit of Eastern Europe, and into Africa where I find myself sitting in the lovely Djibouti.

The site also provides an overview of your BMI world ranking.  And some fun things to think about as you are putting in the work.  Like I now have a lower BMI than 85% of guys my age in the US, but it’s still higher than 45% of guys my age in the world.

Doesn’t mean a whole lot, just another fun data point to think about.

Current CrossFit Results BMI

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  1. Lesotho for me!!! I guess it’s hard to really quantify “health” or “fitness” sometimes. You can have a very low BMI from an African country, but may be severely malnourished.