CrossFit Teamwork

CrossFit Workouts Hope and Olympic Weightlifting

Top Left: Jason doing box jumps during “Hope”
Top Right: Whit doing box jumps during “Hope”
Bottom Left: Jason working on Snatches during O-Lifting
Bottom Right: Whit working on Snatches during O-Lifting

Some folks have said that CrossFit is akin to playing a team sport as an adult.  This could not be more true.  When you decide to join a CrossFit gym, you are signing up to be an athlete on a team.  That means something.

Yesterday, a teammate and I decided to try to double up today.  HyperFit USA (our box) does a benchmark WOD every Saturday at 9 AM.  Today was Hope.  Immediately after the benchmark WOD they offer an Olympic Weightlifting class at 10 AM.  We have joked before about “sticking around” for it.  But yesterday our jokes kinda turned to a ‘let’s try it?” and we finally decided to actually try it.  I’m not sure either of us would have done it with out the other’s prodding.  And I’m pretty sure Whit said more than once, “as long as it’s not snatches”.

The end result was over two hours of solid CrossFit for me today, finishing Hope then spending an hour working on Snatches add in some stretching, some rowing and rolling around on the ground and my body is tired, but I’m pumped.  I consider that a PR, two workouts in one day.  And I give full credit to the power of the CrossFit team.

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