CrossFit Tourism

The thought of just dropping in on another Crossfit while I’m traveling scares the sh*t out of me.  I love Hyperfit USA because I really feel like the know me, and I feel like I have nothing to prove except to myself, and that’s ok.  So I hear a lot about the Crossfit culture, and everyone tells me dropping in is no big deal.  But I still feel like after 4 months of working out, I’m just not ready.

CrossFit NYC LobbyCrossFit NYC Lobby

So, as I’m standing in the lobby of CrossFit NYC at 6:30 AM on Wednesday this week, I’m asking myself, “are you ready for this?”  I’m pretty sure the answer is ‘no’, but a little voice in my head is telling me part of the CrossFit experience is being prepared for the unknown and unknowable.  So, f*ck it, I proceed.

After figuring out the intermediate WOD is in another building, I pay my $25, sign my waiver, and run two streets over.  Their site did not make this clear, to show up at the other location, but I think I could have.

The instructor, Will, was nice, and so were the regulars.  It was really interesting to see the things that were the same, like everything was made by Rogue, and there was a lot of squatting.  But it was more interesting to experience the differences.  These folks were super competitive.  After each round of exercises in the WOD, your score was talleid and your class rank was given.  At the end, I awarded myself with “participant”, and I was pretty damn proud of it.

The exercises were all the same, but the warm up was different.  The best part of the whole day, was that during the warm up, there were sets of T2B (toes to bar), and in there, I actually started doing them for real, for the first time.  It was a very proud moment in my CrossFit journey.

Gathered around the Whiteboard at CrossFit NYC, checking out the scores

Gathered around the Whiteboard, checking out the scores

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