[Guest Post] Fitness While Traveling – Squeezing Fitness Into a Busy Itinerary

Here is another guest post from one of my readers.  Mike wanted to share some thoughts around maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling.  Speaking as someone who has logged over 150,000 frequent flyer miles in single year, I can attest that travel places a huge burden on accomplishing your fitness and health goals.  It is so important to find a way, even though it is so easy to find an excuse.  I hope this post helps you stay motivated to stay healthy on the road!

San Francisco Airport Yoga RoomBusy professionals concerned with remaining fit while traveling must focus on discipline and planning to reach their fitness goals. Without discipline and planning, it is hard for a person to stick to any type of regimen. Following these traveling tips will give the person the tools needed to stick to one’s fitness routine while on the road.

Staying healthy on the road is hard when people are forced to eat out at local restaurants often. Since cooking isn’t usually something the average professional can handle on the road, the person can try researching the area to get an idea of the healthiest restaurants nearby. Checking out the restaurants close to the location and skimming through the menus will make it easy to plan meals well ahead of time. [Jason’s note: I use VegOut to find good restaurants while traveling, it’s powered by HappyCow.net, so you know it’s good]

When it comes to catering to the healthy traveler, airports are getting on board. Many airports are adding all sorts of amenities to cater to the health conscious crowd. For example, the San Francisco International airport has added a new yoga room for its patrons. Airports like the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport have created walking paths in several concourses. The Los Angeles International Airport has added a golf course and a yoga room for its travelers.

Traveling causes stress and jet lag for some business travelers, which causes the serotonin levels to become depleted. Taking HTP supplements can balance the serotonin levels out. Tablets are taken twice daily with food and helps one catch up on sleep. The person awakens refreshed with a clear mind and is able to remain alert.

Planning ahead can help one remain on track in reaching all personal fitness goals. Make sure to do some research before booking a hotel in order to get the best out of the trip. On my most recent trip to San Francisco I was able to book a hotel where I could get in my early morning workouts. I did this by checking through a travel reviews site called Gogobot. Here I could see all of the hotels in San Francisco and look through to see which ones had the right fitness amenities for me. Avid runners can check for nearby trails near lodging while those who prefer a gym can verify that there is one located on the premises. Actually scheduling a workout in between meetings during the downtime may make it more of a commitment for some. Some travelers plan their workouts once they’ve completely mapped out the itinerary.

Staying fit on the road involves making time for workouts, getting the proper amount of sleep, and meal planning. Proper planning affords the busy traveler the opportunity to sneak in a workout with the most demanding of schedules. With planning, most people are able to stay on top of their routine.

Mike Manning is a fitness and healthy living enthusiast. You can read his future posts at http://mikemanningmusings.blogspot.com/


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