Had a week off from training

I ended up with a bulged disk in my neck almost two weeks ago, and was unable to work out at all. That sucked.

I received clearance from my doctor yesterday to resume working out. So I tried to ease my way into things. Turns out two weeks off is a little hard to just jump back into things. This workout didn’t seem like much, but during the final 10 mt. climbers, I thought I was gonna puke, and when done I had to sit down as I was close to passing out.

I hope this was just a one time payment to get back into the rhythm of the daily wods.

30 air squats
20 shoulder rolls
30 overhead squats

30 4 ct fluter kicks
30 push ups
30 4 ct mt climbers
20 4 ct fluter kicks
20 push ups
20 4 ct mt climbers
10 4 ct fluter kicks
10 push ups
10 4 ct mt climbers

Then full stretching routine, 30 second holds for 7 minutes. Legs, hips, butts, shoulders.