Hotel Room CrossFit PR

Hotel Room Work Out

I’m in Las Vegas today, and I had made plans to make it over to CrossFit Las Vegas for the 8:30 AM WOD, BUT, they were thwarted by an 8AM meeting.  When I discovered this at 7AM today, I immediately put the back up plan into place and did my Hotel WOD.

Even though I’m a little disappointed I didn’t make it over to the local box, I still got a great work out in, and a nice boost from when I plugged in my results, and got a PR. It’s the little things.  That makes my third PR this week.  237 reps for the hotel wod, #215 for dead lifts and #100 for overhead squats.

Being flexible, and staying committed to getting in and logging the results of a good work out are another key component to achieving the long run results I’m seeing from CrossFit.  Plus, my bottum is kinda sore, so as I’m sitting in the conference today, I have a nice little reminder that I succeeded this morning…which feels damn good :)

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