Hotel Room CrossFit Workout


I found myself on the road this week, and while I tried to find a good local box, it just didn’t work out.  I was in Cincinnati and Queen City CrossFit was in a great location, but they have smaller classes, and they could not guarantee space for a drop in.  That’s why it’s always good practice to email ahead of your visit.

So I then found myself looking for a good WOD to do in my hotel room.  I also wanted something quick so I could also take advantage of a little extra sleep.  So I came up with the following CrossFit Hotel Room WOD, and it took about 16 minutes.  It was fast, but I felt pretty worked out by the end.  If you wish to log it on, I have it set up here.

Warm Up:
Jumping Jacks 15 Seconds
Air Squats  15 Seconds
Mountain Climbers  15 Seconds
Jump Squats 15 Seconds
4 Rounds 

TABATA Air Squats
Score total reps.

The only equipment you need is you, it would be helpful to have a timer as well.  If you have an iPhone, I HIGHLY recommend Timers Pro
This app works great for intervals with rest or TABATA.  I just mod the TABATA to 15 seconds work and 15 seconds rest to time my warm up.  This app makes it easy since it lets you save multiple set ups.

I’d rather have gone into the local box, but this was a great alternative that made for a good start to the day. 

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    1. Hey Khalid, oh yes, I recall our workout and conversation… And I also recall you rocking the khakis during the burpees and running WOD and me thinking how in the hell is this guy wearing pants! I’d be cashed :)

      Thanks for reading and for the comment! Maybe I’ll see you at the benchmark WOD on Saturday??