Karen Benchmark WOD

I finally did it!  I have been after Karen for well over a year now, and I finally got her done!

For those that have not yet had fun with Karen, she is plain and simple:

150 Wall Balls for time 20 pound for guys, 14 for girls and our time cap is 10 minutes

My first attempt at Karen was about a year ago, time capped at 110 reps with a 14 pound med ball.  Second attempt was 10 months ago, time capped at 120 reps with a 20 pound ball.  My next attempt stopped 8 short, which was BRUTAL, 142 reps with the 20 pounder.  I had to sit on that score for 7 months before Karen popped up again on my schedule.  I was not about to not finish this this time.  I was so pumped for it, i was damn near giddy at go time.  Not only did I finish, but I finished in under 9 minutes!!  8:51 to be exact, and that was with a few no reps (as you can see in the pic, Dan was there to make sure this was legit.

To me, this is what CrossFit is all about.  It’s a game.  It’s fun.  It’s motivating.  And I can’t wait to try this again and see if I can break 8:30!!