Keep Up That Pace, Great Work!


Never hold back words of encouragement. Never. Whether it be at work or the gym. It’s amazing the impact you can have on someone with something as simple as an old fashioned ‘attaboy.

Last week our benchmark WOD was Badger and during the second set of the 800 meter run, just as I was approaching the first 200 meter mark, I had determined that I would hit the 200 mark and then walk 25 meters and then run again. Running is not my strong suit.

Just as I was turning to walk, literally at that exact moment, a fellow teammate, who I had never spoken to before, and frankly I’m not sure I’d seen before, runs by and says “Keep up that pace, great work.” That’s all it took.

After that I decided not to start mixing in any walking and just push myself to keep running. From there, I made it the whole WOD without walking. First time for that in a WOD with 800 meter runs in it. All because someone decided to give me a little boost.

So this week, there was more running. The benchmark WOD of the week was Abbate which includes a 1 mile run, an 800 meter run and then another 1 mile run. And I ran all three legs without mixing in any walking. I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t done that last week in the 800’s there is no way I would have done it this week.

Because of a mental gain thanks to a teammate, I was able to make a significant physical gain that will stay with me.

Just another reason why CrossFit and HyperFit are the best.

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