The first thing I do every morning is roll over, grab my phone, load up the Beyond The Whiteboard app and see what the wod is for the day. Yesterday it was Nancy. Run 400m, 15 Overhead Squats (95#), 5 rounds for time. I had done this once before, but I didn’t finish and I didn’t go 95#. But for some reason, I thought I could totally do this Rx. The app was telling me my one rep max on overhead squats is 115, so if I drop 20 off that, I should be great, or so I thought.

During the warm up I realized that 95 was not happening. I was warming up to 85, and decided to drop to 80 for the wod.

About 2/3 of the way through the first set of 15, I pulled off the 2.5 plates and dropped to 75. I would have gone lower but I had put on 15s, so I didn’t have any more easy options. I ended up finishing in waaaay last place for the day, as you can see in the picture, I’m the only on left still doing my squats. I have never failed on so many lifts in a single work out. I must have failed at the bottom of my overhead squat a half dozen times, and an equal amount on the way down.

It’s funny though, as pissed as I was about having to go lighter, dropping down and still finishing last, I think this was one of my best workouts. I got so much out of it. This definitely was the most sustained consistently challenged workout I’ve done in a while.

The last rep was by far the hardest. I failed twice at it. There were at least 5 people standing around me, motivating. My coach is standing there, he said “just do these one rep at a time” when I coughed out that I just had one left, there was quite a bit of chuckling (starting with mine). But I waited a second, visualized that I was going to get it (thanks Shane) approached the bar and got it… Just shy of the 24 minute mark.

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