Swimming At the Games

I love that the Games incorporates swimming into the intro session.  This year seems like it will be better for most folks than the open water swim, but those wet hands for a bar muscle up scare me.

That being said…I totally need a pull up rig at the end of my pool.  Squat rack at one end and pull up rig at the other, that’s what’s been missing!

2,027 thoughts on “Swimming At the Games”

  1. You can get some stares if you bring a kettlebell with you. I enjoy doing that.

    Try this one (for time):
    swim 50 m
    30 push-ups
    21 kettlebell swings
    swim 50 m
    25 push-ups
    15 kettle bell swings
    swim 50 m
    20 push-ups
    9 kettle bell swings