5 More Reps!!!! Crap!!!!

My goal for the Open 14.2 workout was to make the second round. That meant I needed 40 reps in round one. I got 35. Damn it. Judging by the amount of “Fran Lung” I have right now, I feel like I left it all out there and just came up short.

Looking back, the one change I could make is to go just a touch slower on the overhead squats (OHS). I knew OHS was going to be my strength, and the chest to bar pull ups were going to get me. So I came out as fast as I could go on the OHS, and half way through I fell down. Just lost my balance. That cost me some time and at least a couple reps. I did the second set unbroken with very little trouble.

I had a few no reps in there, which were legit calls, so no complaints.

Overall, this was a super exciting wod, and is very motivating for me to train harder. I know I can get out of round one. I’m so close.