Get Up!

Beginning CrossFitIf you do CrossFit, you will fail at something. What I have found is that the longer I’ve been doing CrossFit, the more often I find myself on my butt. I think this is due to the fact that this training gets you much more comfortable with pushing yourself.

When I started out, I was very nervous about hitting my red line. I would load less weight on the bar in an effort to play it smart. I would pace myself, and focus on getting through.  And every once in a while I’d tempt fate so to speak, and push it. I’d go an extra 10 pounds, or I’d jump back up on the pull up rig when my fore arms were on fire. I’m finding those every once in a whiles, to be happening more and more frequently now.

I was listening to Christmas Abbott on this week’s episode of the Wodcast Podcast, and she made a comment about needing 15 minutes after a workout just to get her head back on straight. Made me recognize that the top athletes are pushing themselves to be at or near failure every WOD. Which makes me think that I could be pushing myself harder every day. I go hard, but I know I could go harder.