5 More Reps!!!! Crap!!!!

My goal for the Open 14.2 workout was to make the second round. That meant I needed 40 reps in round one. I got 35. Damn it. Judging by the amount of “Fran Lung” I have right now, I feel like I left it all out there and just came up short.

Looking back, the one change I could make is to go just a touch slower on the overhead squats (OHS). I knew OHS was going to be my strength, and the chest to bar pull ups were going to get me. So I came out as fast as I could go on the OHS, and half way through I fell down. Just lost my balance. That cost me some time and at least a couple reps. I did the second set unbroken with very little trouble.

I had a few no reps in there, which were legit calls, so no complaints.

Overall, this was a super exciting wod, and is very motivating for me to train harder. I know I can get out of round one. I’m so close.



Workout 14.1

Double Unders? Really?



Well, we knew they were coming, stupid double unders!!  I did 90, so I’m happy, but just so much wasted energy going into them.  2-4 sometimes 5 singles go into getting just one double. Ah well, it was damn fun, and I’m looking forward to 14.2!

For those keeping score at home, I got 129 reps today.


I can’t wait for the first CrossFit Games Open WOD to post today. I’ve really been enjoying all the speculation on what it’s going to be. The best guess that I’ve heard is a couplet of burpees and a ground to overhead movement. I’m hoping for a burpee and snatch.

What ever it is, I’m pumped, and I can’t wait for the announcement!