The Power of Lee

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The Power of Lee


My normal WOD is at 7:30 AM.  Which is pretty much the worst time to work out.  Not only am I getting up early (6:25AM), but I’m still pretty damn late for work (9:15AM).  Occasionally I have a meeting or other matter that requires I be in the office before 9:15, and on those days I have to get up at 4:55AM to make the 6AM WOD.  Today was one of those days.

Now, setting the alarm for a time that could easily be a bed time is pretty brutal, but there’s a little gem of motivation in there.  If I make the 6AM WOD that usually means I get to have a chat with my buddy Lee.  Normally I only get to see him on Saturdays, so this is a special little treat.  But on top of that, Lee seems to like to push himself harder than I do and he is also very encouraging about it.  So when I work out with him, I end up pushing myself a bit more than I normally would, and I’m always a happy I did.

Today we did back squats for the strength portion of the workout, and I was thinking about targeting 130/135 for the max in the sets of 5 every three minutes for 5 rounds, but Lee got us up to 145.  Funny thing is, I was thinking that my 1 rep max PR was 140.  I was wrong.  When I went to log this into Beyond the Whiteboard, I noticed my 1 rep max PR was 160.  So I looked at the date, and went to check out the pictures, and sure enough, that just happened to be a day I ended up at the 6AM WOD, and boom, there’s Lee and me at the squat rack.  I forgot that he got me up to 160 a couple weeks ago.

It’s a yet another example of the power of this whole CrossFit thing.  This is more than working out.  It’s a team sport.  You can get motivation from yourself and you can pass it on to your teammates and you can all advance together.  It is rewarding as hell.  That’s the power of Lee.

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