WODs with Integrity

Jason Harper No Rep Pull Up


During the set up for our Murph on Memorial day, instructor Mike, a.k.a. MOB, reminded us that the work out we were about to do was a tribute (see: Murph).  He told us that as such, we should approach the WOD with integrity.  What I took that to mean is be true to the movements.  Technique is always important, and for the Murph, hitting the markers (chin totally over the bar, full squats etc) was even more important.

I’m the first to admit, sometimes my wall balls don’t quite hit as high on the target as they should, or on a thruster I may not get quite to the bottom of my squat on a rep or two here and there.  And for the Murph, I pulled out my No-Rep stick, and it was painful.

I had more no-reps during this WOD than I ever did in any other work out.  Probably just as much a function of the fact it was damn near an hour long for me, but I was watching myself.  It was really painful to not count that pull-up where I had pulled my chin up higher than my forehead, but still just didn’t quite break over the bar.  But, I no-repped more than a couple of those.

When I look back at my time for the Murph this year, I know it was the absolute best I could do, it was legit, and I can be proud I approached it with integrity.  I really appreciated and enjoyed the seriousness that MOB put behind the WOD, and I feel that it translated into a gain for me personally.

My Murph Time: 54:04

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