My First WOD

First WOD at Hyperfit USA Crossfit in Ann ArborScene from my first WOD at Hyperfit USA in Ann Arbor

So today was supposed to be my 7 of 10 intro session, but I guess an instructor called in hungover sick.  So I was given the option of coming back, or jumping in. What is going through my head is the sad fact that I spent the last 7 years actively avoiding working out my legs due to a ski injury to my right knee (huge and stupid mistake to avoid working it out btw), and the 6 work out sessions plus the free intro/paperwork session left a lot of doubt in my mind going in.  I still am not doing a full 30 unbroken air squats (more like 15).  So obviously, I went for it.

Now I’m glad for a few things.  Frist, I’m glad it was good ol’ MOB leading the class, and second, I’m glad I didn’t know that was going to happen until I got there, otherwise I might have chickened out at this point.  It all worked out, and I didn’t get hurt.  And now this mystery of the “WOD” has been pulled back a bit.  Everything scales, weight, reps, rounds, breathing, etc.  I’m looking forward to the next one.