Karen Benchmark WOD

I finally did it!  I have been after Karen for well over a year now, and I finally got her done!

For those that have not yet had fun with Karen, she is plain and simple:

150 Wall Balls for time 20 pound for guys, 14 for girls and our time cap is 10 minutes

My first attempt at Karen was about a year ago, time capped at 110 reps with a 14 pound med ball.  Second attempt was 10 months ago, time capped at 120 reps with a 20 pound ball.  My next attempt stopped 8 short, which was BRUTAL, 142 reps with the 20 pounder.  I had to sit on that score for 7 months before Karen popped up again on my schedule.  I was not about to not finish this this time.  I was so pumped for it, i was damn near giddy at go time.  Not only did I finish, but I finished in under 9 minutes!!  8:51 to be exact, and that was with a few no reps (as you can see in the pic, Dan was there to make sure this was legit.

To me, this is what CrossFit is all about.  It’s a game.  It’s fun.  It’s motivating.  And I can’t wait to try this again and see if I can break 8:30!!



400th WOD

Beyond The Whiteboard


I hit a minor milestone yesterday, I logged my 400th session on BeyondTheWhiteboard.com.

Here are the stats:

  • 400 sessions
  • 43 pounds of weight loss
  • 91 benchmarks set
  • 115 pounds added to Over Head Squat (started failing with a PVC pipe)
  • 1 Murph completed Rx in under an hour
  • 7 CrossFit Boxes attended


I have also moved from going 2-3 days a week to only taking Sunday’s off.

If you aren’t using Beyond The Whiteboard to track your progress, you are missing out.


Burpee Into The Poo

Burpee Over the Cone and Into the Poo

For the past few months a group of us have been meeting at County Farm Park Tuesdays and Thursdays for an outside workout (7:15AM, come join us if you like!)  Today we had a nice warm up, modified Cindy using playground equipment, then we did our WOD.  3 agility runs, then 12 Burpees over an object of your choosing (I went cone) take 3 laps for time.

Things started off fine, but I forgot the most important rule of CrossFit, check your landing zone for poo.  About 3 burpees into the first round, I landed and immediately could tell that something was off.  Looked at my right hand and yep, that squish I felt was a nice little pile of dog poo.  The problem was what to do?  I have poo all over my hand and in between my fingers, but I’m like 2 minutes into this WOD.  So, I wiped off my hand as well as I could on the grass, adjusted my landing zone, and went back at it.  The WOD must go on, right?

I’m chalking this up to preparing for the unknown and unknowable.  I learned a valuable lesson, always check the ground before you burpee!



Kicks In The Groin Hurt For A WHILE

Back Squat Groin Hurty


Maybe it’s because I haven’t really sprinted since I was in High School, but holy F*CK my legs are still sore from last week.  My groin area on both legs is still super sore.  I’ve been stretching them out every day, and that is incredibly uncomfortable, and doesn’t seem to be doing much other than torture myself for a few minutes.

The most difficult part, aside from walking or getting up out of bed, is squatting.  And in case you are new to CrossFit, there are usually a few squats in the workouts.  Like last week, we did back squats two days after the sprints (as seen above).  Finding the bottom of my squat has never been this uncomfortable.  I thought I’d be fine by today for sure, but not even close.  And today, there were a few squats, actually, over 60 in the warm up, then 100 back squats in the work out, oh and a 1 mile run and some push presses for good measure.  The run was uncomfortable, but manageable, the push presses were fine, but mother f*ck*r the bottom of those back squats felt like there was some little man down there, stabbing me with screwdrivers in my inner thighs, which forced me to shoot up early, and get yelled at by Koski to go deeper.

The insult to injury came, when the 30 minute clock ran out, and I still had 15 to go.  I got to stop, get in the group shot, then walk back to the bar and finish up while (most) everyone else was putting their gear away.  The plus side, is that misery does in fact love company.  Phil was right there with me, suffering the same fate from the sprints.  So we both finished in OT, and that made me feel just a little better.