Today was my first day back in my 7:30AM class in a few weeks. I had been out due to injury for a week, then work travel then family travel. I’d been getting workouts in, just not at my regular time and a few on my own.

Within 3 hours of the first 7:30 class I missed I had gotten a text and a Facebook message from two folks asking where I was and if I was alright. There were a couple more people reaching out over the past few weeks, and then today several people approached me and asked where I was and if I was alright.

I love the team mentality that CrossFit creates. It’s wildly motivating. It makes hitting snooze and sleeping in for an extra hour and a half much less likely.

I know that if I miss a WOD, I had better have a damn good reason, because my “team” is going to hold me accountable.

CrossFit Culture



Today we did Nate  (named after Chief Petty Officer Nate Hardy, who was killed February 4th during combat operations in Iraq.)  It’s a bit of a beast, 20 minute AMRAP of Muscle Ups (2),  Handstand  Push Ups (4), American KB Swings, 2 pood (8).  or in my case, mod (2), mod (4), swings (8).  Then we did some strength (BSQTs) for good measure.

I ended up doing the 6AM class today, since I woke up at 4:45AM and was unable to get back to sleep and figured might as well make the best of it.  This afforded me the opportunity to take my time stretching (see below for my after WOD routine) out after the WOD, which was nice.  So I grabbed a stopwatch and started to get set up, and my buddy saw me grab the stop watch and wandered over.

My buddy and I had a nice little chat, got caught up, but there was clearly something on his mind.  After our little small talk, he’s leans in and is like, “so, hey, whacha doin’ with the stopwatch?” all excited to maybe get in on something new and cool.  I sadly offered up that I was just gonna do some stretching, and he was totally disappointed. Even though it was a let down, it’s a pretty awesome example of the CrossFit / HyperFit culture.   We just banged out a solid 60 minutes of work, and he was just looking for more fun.

For the record, I got in an excellent round of stretching, and he did Tabata L-Sit holds on the parallel bars.  Everybody ended up winning.

Here’s my stretching routine:

Hold each position for 30 seconds (use a stopwatch or interval timer, make sure you hold 30 seconds!)

  1. Stand up straight and touch your toes
  2. Stand up straight, cross right foot over the left
  3. Stand up straight, cross left foot over right
  4. Stand up straight, move your feet apart, touch the ground where your feet would be if they were together
  5. Slide your hands to your right foot
  6. Slide your hands to your left foot
  7. Sit down, keep your left leg out and place the bottom of your right foot flat against your inner left thigh and touch your left toes
  8. Switch feet, right leg out and place the bottom of your left foot flat against your inner right thigh and touch your right toes
  9. Stay seated, step your right foot over left knee so your right foot is flat on the ground and pull your right knee into your chest
  10. Switch feet, step your left foot over right knee so your left foot is flat on the ground and pull your left knee into your chest
  11. Stand up, bring your right arm across your body and bring your left arm up so your elbows are stacked, your right arm is straight out and your left arm is bent so your hand is straight up (you will look like you are about to flip someone off if you are doing this right), keep your head straight up and try to push your right shoulder down
  12. Switch arms, bring your left arm across your body and bring your right arm up so your elbows are stacked, your left arm is straight out and your right arm is bent so your hand is straight up, keep your head straight up and try to push your left shoulder down
  13. Stay standing, extend your right arm over your head, bend at the elbow and walk your right hand down the center of your back, keeping your head up straight, you may assist by putting pressure on your right elbow with your left hand
  14. Switch arms, extend your left arm over your head, bend at the elbow and walk your left hand down the center of your back, keeping your head up straight, you may assist by putting pressure on your left elbow with your right hand


[Guest Post] Mixing Paradise With A Great Workout

Hi everyone, here is another guest post, this one comes by way of Quinn McAdams, a self-proclaimed healthy living enthusiast. She enjoys playing soccer, volleyball, running and hiking and is always on the lookout for the next workout he can try. Healthy eating is extremely important to her and she truly believes in the “Do Good, Feel Good” philosophy. You can find her on her blog “Healthy Living by Quinn”



I’ve found that as the leaves start turning colors and drop from the branches, crisp

autumn air beckons you outside. Hiking trails, from flat to rough terrain, gives you a

healthy workout whether you spend 30 minutes or 2 hours exploring nature. Bringing

along a friend or family is a great way to keep you motivated and safe, but it is also

imperative to pack some essential items to stay prepared for your adventure. Here is

a list of items I abide by for each hike:



Select a sturdy backpack that has multiple pockets for ample storage. Mesh side

pockets are practical for bottled water while a zippered cell phone pouch keeps your

electronics safe. The straps should be thick without any damage. Broken backpacks

soon become a weight in your arms. For our last anniversary, my husband bought

me an awesome hiking backpack from an anniversary gift-giving page. We’ve used

this on every hike and pack our favorite travel essentials when hitting the trails.


Water Bottles

Instead of loading up on plastic water bottles, try looking into BPA free water bottles

for your journey. You’ll most likely need to refill your bottle throughout the hiking trip.

If there are no water fountains nearby, you’ll need to improvise by using a natural

water source. Fresh water lakes and rivers make great hydration sources, but be

sure the area is not polluted before you drink.



It may be autumn, but the sun still packs a surprising painful punch if you hike

without sunscreen. Try a non-nano zinc oxide kind for an environment-friendly option

rather than chemical sunscreens, which may do more harm than good in the end.


First Aid Kit

A simple kit filled with bandages and antiseptic is a critical item to bring on a hiking

trip. Hot and cold packs are also helpful if you have a swollen joint, such as rolling

your ankle, which leads me to my next essential…


Hiking Boots

Even though it may seem like a good idea, walking around in old sneakers is a

recipe for injury. This may seem obvious, but it is really important to invest in a pair

of high-quality hiking boots with good tread so they grasp the often uneven ground

below. Pebbles and loose soil cause you to lose footing as you hike and proper

footwear prevents falls and serious injury. Higher-length boots are great at stabilizing

your ankles, preventing any twisting activity, and also protect you from unexpected

patches of poison ivy.


Just like any other pair of shoes, breaking them in before you leave for your hike

is key. Wear them around town for a few days to prevent painful blisters from

appearing on your feet during the hike.



Having energy during a hike is extremely important and also makes for a more

enjoyable journey. Certain foods provide necessary energy for exploring fun. If

you’re in a pinch, bring the traditional hiking foods, such as granola bars, beef

jerky or trail mix to ward off any hunger — but make sure to choose brands free of

preservatives and other chemical additives. There are so many great options out

there that you don’t need to sacrifice nutrition for convenience.



Clouds and trees can make your hike extremely dark all of the sudden, even on

sunny autumn days. Bring a couple flashlights with extra batteries to help you find

your way along the trail. If you cannot see in front of you, injury potential increases.

In my experience, you cannot replace the beauty and wonder of a hiking trail with

a standard gym workout. Go outside and watch the wildlife as you explore new

trails. If you go often, you’ll build your endurance and walk even farther every time.

Hiking can also be a great bonding experience for families – we make it a McAdams’

tradition every year on the first day of fall.

Powerhouse Getting Into the CrossFit Game


I just see this as an outsider trying to chase dollars.  Part of the magic of CrossFit is the community and culture.  I think Powerhouse is going struggle there.  It is a lot more difficult to buy culture than it is to buy a few Kettlebells
and Dynamax Balls.

Had a week off from training

I ended up with a bulged disk in my neck almost two weeks ago, and was unable to work out at all. That sucked.

I received clearance from my doctor yesterday to resume working out. So I tried to ease my way into things. Turns out two weeks off is a little hard to just jump back into things. This workout didn’t seem like much, but during the final 10 mt. climbers, I thought I was gonna puke, and when done I had to sit down as I was close to passing out.

I hope this was just a one time payment to get back into the rhythm of the daily wods.

30 air squats
20 shoulder rolls
30 overhead squats

30 4 ct fluter kicks
30 push ups
30 4 ct mt climbers
20 4 ct fluter kicks
20 push ups
20 4 ct mt climbers
10 4 ct fluter kicks
10 push ups
10 4 ct mt climbers

Then full stretching routine, 30 second holds for 7 minutes. Legs, hips, butts, shoulders.

GORUCK Lessons, continued

Las Vegas

It’s interesting how often I find myself drawing from my GORUCK Challenge experience.

This past week I was in Las Vegas for a conference, and when I found myself having to stay up until 1:30AM during some “team building” at the poker table, I couldn’t help but think that,
A: it’s actually 4:30AM to me and
B: I have to wake up for an 8AM meeting.

But very quickly, my inner GRT kicked in and reminded me of some important lessons.
A: suffer in silence
B: It pays to be a mother f’ing winner and
C: I was up a hell of a lot longer, doing a hell of a lot tougher shit, so man up