Beginner CrossFit Workouts

It’s the new year, and you are looking to start a small journey that will have a tremendous impact on just about everything you do. You want to have more energy, think more clearly, significantly reduce the risk of countless diseases, and significantly increase the likelihood of your ability to pick up your great grandchildren someday…. so of course you are looking to start CrossFit!!

Crossfit Hyperfit Kettlebell WOD Results
Throwback from 2 years ago when I first started CrossFit.


After you check with your doctor and make sure that you are safe for exercise, here’s a quick kick starter to get your body ready for moving.

You will do 2 workouts per week. You can space them out however fits your schedule, you may do them on back to back days if that fits.

Week 1:
4 minutes of Jump Rope or Jog ┬╝ mile

Then do 3 Rounds of
10 Sit Ups
5 Push Ups
1 Burpee

Week 2:
4 minutes of Jump Rope or Jog ┬╝ mile
Then do 4 Rounds of
12 Sit Ups
7 Push Ups
3 Burpees

After week 2, jump over to my beginner CrossFit workout track and join my virtual gym (it’s free) and follow along at home. You can message me through there any questions you have as you progress.

I post a beginner workout of the day 2-3 times per week as well. I’ve posted 100 so far, so feel free to check that for workout inspirations. I post the workouts Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

I dropped over 20 pounds in the first 100 days of doing CrossFit. If you stick with it, I believe it will work for you.