CrossFit Games Wallballs


You would think it would be impossible to stand 18 inches from a wall, throw a medicine ball at it, and miss.  But alas, not only is it possible to miss, it’s repeatable.  At least it was for me on Friday.  My goal for reps for the CrossFit Open 13.3 was 151.  I thought I could get through 150 wallballs, and have a minute or two to get one double under.  Well, I landed at 138 reps when time ran out.  I think this was the first time I was ever disappointed with a WOD.  I know I am still recovering from an illness that took me out of action for 6 weeks, but I didn’t expect to be put that far behind in my wallballs.

The good news is that there are always more WODs.  Like Griff yesterday.  After running a half-mile backwards, and enjoying it, it helped to wash away the sting from getting my butt kicked the day before.  And now, I am extra motivated for Karen next time she shows up.  And I know she is going to show up.

All that aside, the CrossFit Open 13.3 was the first time I ever felt like I lost while playing this sport.  Losing sucks, and I don’t want to lose, even if it’s just against myself.

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