WODs at Work? Wouldn’t That Be Nice!!

CrossFit at Datalogix with CEO Eric Roza


Whit shared a great NYT.com article with me recently on bringing CrossFit into your work:  http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/31/business/crossfit-offers-an-exercise-in-corporate-teamwork-too.html

What a great way to build real teams.  This has to translate into some long run successes:

There are other, less quantifiable benefits. Karin Eisenmenger, 46, Datalogix’s director of order management and the woman running up the stairs past her panting colleague, says the classes unite people from different departments who might otherwise never meet. “If you can sweat and groan and moan with your co-workers,” she said, “you’ll have no problem working with them in a meeting.”

For only $25,000 per year, I imagine this initiative has a monster return on investment.  Through increased productivity via collaboration and there has to be some major health and morale benefits that pay off to the company.

CROSSFIT is one of many perks at Datalogix, where a range of other options — like self-defense classes and courses in the Java programming language — are available free and in-house. The company’s fitness initiatives, called DLX Fit, cost the company around $25,000 a year, Mr. Roza said. A majority of that goes toward CrossFit.

Well done Datalogix!

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